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March 17, 2005

What do you think 'blog'.

What do you think 'blog'.
'blog' and 'Transistor NI Virnus'
This is 3/17 blog of English.

I think from 'blog' is one story of'Transistor NI Virnus' .
'Transistor NI Virnus' is comic book title by 'IZUMI TAKEMOTO'.
That is transistor glamour girl's future story.
One girl of 'Transistor NI Virnus' is doing 'blog' by her PC.
so, I think from 'blog' is 'Transistor NI Virnus'.

I like 'IZUMI TAKEMOTO' write's story.
becouse his book heroine is abnormal.
sorry, not abnormal but not normal.
She is trange character. hahaha.


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